Pirating AKA Don't be a dick

July 18, 2018


I usually keep things as upbeat as possible on my blog, but every author really needs to update their readers on such things as Pirating. 


Warning - There will be swearing, brutal honesty, and plain ol' bitchery in this post.  You have been warned.


So let's talk about this shall we? 


I'm gonna come right out and say it (and go ahead and call me names for it, I fully expect people to). 




If you can't afford a three dollar book, then you don't get to read it. One of my books is LESS THAN A DOLLAR. Start there. If you can't afford a dollar... Well bud, I think you're out of luck. You don't get to read my books, move along and find something else to do. 


Teasing aside, seriously. This is a problem and it needs to stop. 


What does Pirating mean? 


Pirating by definition is taking something that's not yours without paying for it. There's also the historical context, but we're not going to slander the good name of Pirates everywhere by linking them to this. Pirates have laws. Pirating does not. And is, in fact, illegal. 


We've all seen the pirating sites out there. There's hundreds of copies of my books all over the internet that you can download for free. Some of these sites will give your computer a virus (which if you're downloading them, you deserve), some of them will actually get you a copy of my book. 


This means that A.) I don't get that money. B.) I don't get paid. C.) I can't pay my bills. D.) I will 100% stop writing if I can't pay my bills. 


Got an idea of where this is going? 



Why shouldn't you pirate books? 


There may come a day when I won't have to say this, but I'm not saving my breath. 




That's less than a Dunkin Donuts coffee (hi New Englanders) and WAY less than a Starbucks coffee, so don't tell me it's over price. 


For a nice little visual, let's take a peek at how many copies of my books were pirated in... Oh let's say the last month for shits and giggles. 


 For those of you who aren't math friendly, I'll break it down even farther for you. 


That is 4,462 websites that have copies of my book out in the world that I didn't get paid for. 


We'll shoot small and say that likely 5 people downloaded from these sites. That's 22,310  illegal copies of my book.


That is over $45,000 that I SHOULD have been paid. 


See why I'm angry about this? See why this makes me want to not write anymore? This is my livelihood, and while I understand you want to read the book and that times might be tough, you're making times even tougher for me. 


To give you an idea of how much I spend per book - 


Cover Art: $600

Editing: $900

Proofreading: $900

Marketing: $2,000

Minimum Wage for time spent at $9.00/hr: $900 

Giveaway items: $500

Total: $5,800




Before you even get your hands on it, I have spent almost 6 GRAND to get that book in your hands. 


So just pay the fucking $2.99 would you?


In short


Live your life in a really simple way. 


 And if you use an illegal site to download my book, I hope your computer gets herpes of the worst kind. 


Red itchy sores assholes. 






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