November 21, 2017


I said I would have some surprises coming up didn’t I?  


I am so so so so SO excited to announce that I am currently working with the ever talented Morgan Colleen to complete an Audiobook for Heart of the Fae. I’ll give you a sneak peek soon (we’re still working on it) but I can confidently say this is going to be an AMAZING book to listen to, and Morgan is a very talented voice actor who brings so much life to this story.


Crazy stuff happening lately. :P


So! Without further ado, let’s get to know Morgan!



How did you get into doing audiobooks?


I’ve always loved stories. I use to love to listen to my Mom read out loud to me when I was little. I wasn’t the best reader. I couldn’t sound out words very well and I forgot words a lot but despite all of this, I loved to read aloud. I liked hearing myself read. It was comforting. It was hard for me to concentrate when I was reading silently in my head. It just made things more real for me.


I liked to sing as a child and loved to watch movies & musicals. I was captivated by the actors and singers on stage and on the screen. I could feel their emotion when I watched them go through challenges, feel heartache and have a happy ending. I’ve always loved fairytales how good triumphs over evil. I wish the real world was more like that sometimes. I loved audiobooks because it allowed me to listen to stories that I had a hard time reading. I could understand the character’s emotions & meanings if I saw them act it out or have someone read the lines so I could listen to. 


If I closed my eyes and listened, then I could go there and be with the characters, feeling their feelings as my own. I hadn’t actually started recording until recently (late September of this year) when I discovered ACX (Audio Creation Exchange). I’m really new at this and I’m still learning but I cherish that I get to do it!


What’s your favorite part about voice acting?


I love bringing characters to life! I have such a vivid imagination and I can be very dramatic at times! I love breathing life into the characters. It’s embodying the characters that I love best. Feeling their emotions, playing their role, there is so much emotion there that I can tap into and use to animate the characters and tell their stories. I can live their life through reading their words! It’s so exciting and thrilling to me!


Who is your favorite character in Heart of the Fae to bring to life?


I love Sorcha’s spirit and how she never gives up on what she believes in or doing whatever it takes to save her family but I also love Eamonn’s protectiveness of her and although he is this big brute of a guy, he still has insecurities about his looks which we can all relate to and he deeply cares about Sorcha and being a good king! I love that his heart is always in the right place even though he is a bit rough around the edges. Sometimes I can be grumpy like Cian though! lol Deep down he really cares! I think Oona’s voice is my favorite to say but ya definitely Sorcha’s voice wins for sure!


Favorite book?


Oh gosh, that’s a really tough question! I love so many books! It’s like asking me to choose one color in the spectrum or one star from the heavens! I love fairytales being retold! I guess I’d have to say that my favorite book is a three way tie between Scarlet, Cinder & The Truth About Forever.

Do you listen to Audiobooks, and if so, do you have a favorite?


YES!!! All the time! There are so many amazing ones out there to listen to! A few of my favorites are Clockwork Angel, The Siren, Saint Anything, Monstrous Beauty, The Lunar Chronicles Series and Daughter of Smoke & Bone.


Other books you are narrating currently?


Pwned by Shannen Crane Camp

Miranda Moon by Janet England

Somewhere My Lady by Beth Trissel

Aisling: Narcissus Retold. by Eli Celata




  • Heart of the Fae paperback is behind schedule, my own fault with a silly mistake. I’m working on it peeps, I apologize!

  • Book #2 will have an official name release AND official blurb this week!

  • Cover art for Book #2 is underway and editing has been completed. Beta readers will be requested in 2.5 days (ish).

  • The very first companion novel for this series is also underway and about 30k into the story. I’m still fiddling with it, not 100% happy with the story I’m trying to tell, but we’re definitely getting there.










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