A witch, an Unseelie prince, and a kingdom at their disposal...

Continue the journey with Aisling and Bran as they both take on the throne of Underhill. But a hidden evil lurks deep within the kingdom, one which awakens the moment Aisling steps foot on the land. Together, they must stop the first Witch Queen from taking over the land, and the people, they love. 

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Email proof of purchase (screenshots are fine!) to authoremmahamm@gmail.com with your preferred address. I'll mail you ASAP a signed postcard of the exclusive artwork created by Natasa Ilincic. 


Can these go international?

Sure can! Send me your address still please, I'm more than happy to send these to any country in the world. Free of charge, of course.

If I preorder both the book box and the ebook, can I get two? 


What counts as proof of purchase? 

A screenshot of a CONFIRMATION EMAIL. For the love of god, please don't send me a screenshot that includes your credit card numbers. I'm (obviously) not going to steal it, but for logistical issues, this just ain't good. Double check for me, my loves. 

When will I get my postcard? 

I will be sending all these out the week of publication (12/18), so either the same week or the week after. Christmas does sometimes do wonky things with the mail around this time of year though, as a heads up!