What is “Juice”?

What is “Juice”?

If you’ve read my “Series of Blood”, in particular Silver Blood, you’ll know what “Juice” is. But where did this curious substance come from? How did it become a recreational activity rather than a drug?

For those of you who haven’t read Silver Blood, I’ll give you a rundown. Juice is the name for liquid emotion. Most of the time, you can find it by special dealers in the darker city sections of what used to be New York. It comes in tiny little bottles filled with colorful liquid or swirling smoke. If you want to feel happy, drink some Happiness. It’s a dangerous kind of drug, that’s for sure. Addictive, wonderful, and definitely a crutch for a lot of people.

In the series, Juice is sold by two characters. Wren and Pitch. Wren specializes in creating more adventurous and rare Juices, while Pitch mass produces the easy stuff.

How is Juice made?

Now we’ve already said that Juice is dangerous. But how?

The only way to make Juice is to syphon it off of old memories. The creators will take a happy memory of their own to make it. This does mean that the memory is no longer happy for them. It’s very similar to taking a color movie and turning it black and white. Most Juice sellers will burn out very quickly, or become husks of their original selves.

Wren is unusual that she shows no signs of this at all. Most people assume that she’s not making it herself. Other people assume that it’s the “Curiosity” part of her that makes her capable of retaining her humanity. Read the book if you want to know the truth!

Now Pitch is an entirely different story. He has multiple warehouses using people’s memories. They’re willing, to an extent, so don’t make the assumption that he’s hiding people away and stealing emotions. Pitch is a decent guy. Even though he likes to be a little forceful.

Where did Juice come from?

Not our dimension, that’s for sure! Juice came from the old dimension. Magical creatures brought the idea with them, but were unsure how to actually implement it. Obviously, the human dimension isn’t particularly conducive to large amounts of magic. There was only one person who was capable of making Juice.

You guessed it. Pitch.

The darkest man in the book series (arguably, that could be Malachi), was the only one who retained this memory. He jumped into that market from day one with a ferocity that probably wasn’t necessary for a marketing campaign. That is, until Wren showed up. She was making Juice since she was just a little girl. She gave it to people in the orphanage who were having anxiety attacks and didn’t realize what she was doing.

You can imagine this wasn’t really what Pitch wanted to hear. A child making the substance he had a monopoly on? Magic has a way of spreading knowledge around, and he very quickly wasn’t the only dealer.

Where did you get the idea for Juice?

I wish I could say this was an idea entirely made up in my own mind, but I can’t take the credit for that.

Welcome to the inspiration for Juice! If you haven’t seen this tv show, you should probably get on this. There is a scene in this show where they are actually auctioning off emotions for people who can’t feel them anymore. It’s been an ear worm forever a day until I realized this series was what I wanted to do.

Selling emotions isn’t a new idea. There are plenty of other science fiction series that do the same thing, but very few who rip the emotions from themselves to create it. My favorite kind of magic is the kind that requires the person using magic to have a price. No one should have cosmic power that great without some kind of cost. I don’t want to create godlike characters, I want to create men and women toying with power that they can’t fully understand.

Now you know a little bit more about the very intriguing and odd substance called Juice!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask ’em in the comments!

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