The Power of Talking

Has anyone ever told you that readers hold all the cards when it comes to authors? That you have the power to help any author you really love.

How can you do that? Simple. Word of mouth.

Now, you might be thinking “Emma, what do you mean by that?” and really it’s exactly what you’re thinking. Talk about your favorite authors with other people who like to read.

In this day and age, it’s actually easier than you think. Most of us don’t want to go up to strangers and ask “HAVE YOU READ THIS BOOK” and that’s completely fine. Facebook is a revolutionary new way for people to market, and it’s something you can help out with!

Anyways, you know how Facebook works and how you can post pictures etc etc. There have been multiple studies on the buying habits of people, and each one boils down to the same thing. If someone sees an ad or a product on Facebook 3 times, they will click on it. Regardless of what it is, our curiosity gets the best of us.

I’ve had a couple people reach out and ask how they can help, and I’m so flattered that you all want to be so involved!

There are a couple things you can do that will help push this book forward, AND make it happen with a bang. (Also, the underlined below are link)

  • Support the Thunderclap Campaign.
    • What is Thunderclap? It’s an app that you allow to post for you, one time. On the same day, hundreds of people will post the exact same message. Support something, or in my case, buy the preorder of an awesome book.
  • Preorder the book.
    • Seems a little counter intuitive doesn’t it? The preorder is a lower price than the book will be once published, but preorders actually help me to shoot for bestseller. All these #s of sales count for my week one!
  • Invite people to like my Facebook Page.
    • How can this help? The more fans I have on the page, the more likely it is for people to see my posts. I’m a huge supporter of fans being involved in the world itself, and I think it’s one of the best ways to market. So invite your friends to join the family! I promise my posts won’t scare them away.
  • Join my Street Team.
    • What’s a Street Team? These are people who see everything BEFORE you do! They get the book pre-release, they get their hands on goodies and articles and all the things that eventually get shared with you. They just get it first. And in return, they are my biggest advocates and always leave reviews.
  • Share, share, share.
    • I’ll even make this easy on you. I’ve made some AWESOME promotional materials from my many commissioned artworks (do I have an addiction? Maybe.) which you can feel free to post any time you would like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, have at it!

Sample Post: Pre-ordered #HeartoftheFae yet? #Beauty&theBeast meets Celtic mythology! #99cents #preorder

Feel free to download and do with them what you will.


  • Part 2 is done, completed, and in the editors hands. There may be some plot changes to make but I think we’re good for now.
  • I am participating in Nanowrimo! And in the month of November will be cranking out an awesome novella in this series for you, to tide you over until the next fairytale retelling.

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