The Next Adventure…

The next adventure you ask? Well there’s a few different things that I may have up my sleeve. The first I’m very happy to say is a brand new series that I am working on. Here’s the summary of the first book, just to get your interest.

Two hundred years ago, our world changed forever. Two realms combined in an explosion of magic. One morning everything was normal and the next? Every human body was host to another magical creature who had thoughts and a mind of its own. However, with power comes darkness. Someone wants to wipe this earth clean and will stop at nothing to consume it.
Or so she thought. Wren had grown up with another voice in her head but had never considered herself magical. She doesn’t have the talents other people have. She certainly doesn’t have the abilities anyone else has. But she is charming and manages her business quite well. She deals in emotions and makes people happy. It’s a simple life, but it’s hers.
Burke was a bodyguard first and always. He had been sent to collect her and deliver her in person to the most powerful creatures in their world. But the moment he steps through the broken door of her shop, his world changes forever. She’s strange. She’s uncomfortable. And she’s so damned beautiful. He is convinced she is part of a prophecy that can save their world.
But how to convince her?

Sound interesting? Hopefully it does!

Now this series is very different from the Goblin series. First off, it’s a modern day supernatural! Or well, as modern day as it can get. You’ll recognize the places, you’ll recognize the names, the languages, everything will feel “familiar” in a sense.

The catch? Everyone in this world has two voices in their head. One is their own, the human voice. The other is a magical creature that uses the body as a host. Not all creatures are good. Some of them will use a human body for their own needs. But in general, the magical creatures chose to give up their body and share with a human.

It’s about to get even better. As the human world now has magic, some of these creatures are starting to show through the human bodies. There are people who have horns growing from their foreheads. Fairies with nubby little wings. And of course, all clothing is magical. It would not be usual to see clothing with beating wings or bugs that are still alive.

The world is different. Magical. Creative. And has endless possibilities! Stay tuned, I’ll be updating the blog with much more as the publishing date draws near. October 2016 is when this first book will be released!

Thanks for sticking with me. <3


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