The Goblin Warrior

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The story as we know it has not ended. In fact, it has only just begun.

Jane Penderghast was forced into a world she could hardly imagine. Goblins, glowing stones, other languages, all were tossed into her life without thought. She lost her family, her friends, and in the end her freedom. The goblin warrior she thought she loved had suddenly become her captor after she made a choice which had changed all of their lives. Forever.

Now Jane and Ruric must overcome their differences as another force enters their lives. Together, they leave the safety of the goblin caverns and travel above ground to a place many fear. The City. It is here they must find a lost goblin and return him to his home. The goblins fear what will happen if the humans discover they exist. Their only chance at safety is to infiltrate the City and bring back what was stolen.

Goblins and Humans must band together to stop a larger, more dangerous force. However, can Jane and Ruric overcome what has happened between them?


“She stood with her back to the chaos as the wind ruffled her hair. The screams swirled around her until memories merged with present. She stood with one foot in her own world and one foot in one much darker. Death had left its mark upon her mind. It was a black stain that spread across her very soul.”


“his was a wonderful sequel to The Goblin Bride! Emma Hamm has an amazing writing style that just pulls you into this imaginary world. I never imagined I would be wishing there really was a kingdom of goblins living beneath the earth at our feet but I certainly did after finishing this series. This book has just the right amount of frightening fantasy and the most amazing compassion I’ve ever seen in its characters.” – Fill My Bookshelf

“Well this was an astounding read which kept me from putting it down. I assume that this concludes the story but I long for further books to make this a series. There are characters whose voice was barely heard in this book. I must say I look forward to this authors other works!” – Amazon Review

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