The Goblin Language

A few questions have recently been asked about the Goblins in my book series. As an original species, it’s sometimes hard to delve into a new world where the language is different and pronunciations are not necessarily what we would expect.

The goblins speak in such a way that is nearly impossible for humans to emulate. The trills and fluttering sounds frequently mimic the rapid beating of feathers against air or the warbles of a songbird. Their tones are much deeper than that of birds, as most of the goblins are male.


When thinking of what a goblin might sound like, similar noises that come to mind are that of a lion chuffing or the deep base of a whale. These sounds could easily be described as whuffing, chuffing, warbling, trills… All the sounds that are so far from human that when we hear them, we automatically think “animal”.

So if they don’t sound human, how should we be pronouncing their names? Honestly, if we were attempting to speak the goblin language we wouldn’t be able to. We could certainly attempt to mimic their voices but we would likely be unsuccessful. The goblins are a kind enough species that they know how to make their names sound “human” enough. Likely this was at first only to satisfy the curiosity of a very young Micah, when he first showed up in the goblin world.

As a rule of thumb, the goblin names are very soft sounding. They despise harsh sounding human words as these hurt their ears. Sounds will always be very quiet and the names should roll off of your tongue. R’s are rolled as they attempt to bring their own language into everything they say.

Goblin Names

Ruric: Roo-Rick

Shusar: Shoo-Sar

Illyrin: Ill-Ee-Rin

Dumar: Doo-Mar

Juo: Joo-O

If I’ve forgotten some names, hopefully you’re starting to get the hang of things. The goblins are such an interesting race, and they really were a lot of fun to create. Such a delicate species that’s made as very dangerous creatures. Those claws and teeth could do a lot of damage, and yet they consider themselves artisans!

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