Red Blood

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Lyra has been through hell and high water to get to where she is in life. As part of an elite team working for god-like creatures, she considers herself capable of anything. But when she is tasked with finding a person who fulfills a prophecy capable of saving the world, she finds that she has met her match. She must convince this man to help her while hiding secrets of her own…


He is known as the “Graverobber”. Dark power flows from his fingertips and is wielded without a thought. For years he has existed without a soul. Without conscience. Until a tiny Siren walks into his life and demands he come with her. She is the first person to ever dare order him to do anything. Suddenly, the soulless Graverobber finds himself intrigued by something full of life and light.


Brewing in the darkest corners of the world, an ancient evil plots to destroy them all. Lyra and the Graverobber must join forces to save the lives of countless magical creatures and humans. But both find that to protect those they love, they must give up everything that is important to them.

She had no right to wish for death.

He didn’t understand where the thought came from. It was a nasty voice, a dark voice, that whispered from deep inside his soul until it was screaming through his mind. And it was right. She had no right to think that her soul was hers.

He inhaled a shaky breath as his hands closed into fists. She would come here. She would meet him.

There was much he had to do before then.


“From the second I met “Graverobber”, I was chewing at the bit to read more about him. He’s mysterious, dark, and sexy even when he’s all gnarled up. In my opinion, anyway. Lyra was sassy and full of spunk, which I found amusing. I liked reading more about the dynamic between her and the other people she “works” with, and certainly consider them to be an interesting bunch. I loved that she was a Siren, and how she dealt with the prejudices dealt to her because of it.” – Caldwell Publishing

“Lyra was one kickass female. From the very first page, we’re given a vain, conceited, confident woman, but all of this hides the vulnerable person she is. But don’t let those traits fool you. Lyra is positively lethal.

“Woe be the man who tried to stop her lest he be eaten whole.” – Damn, I love that line!” – Tiffany Roberts

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