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While looking through my own blogs on this site, I realized I don’t have a lot of stuff that talks about myself. I’m a pretty private person, and generally shy until I get to know people, so it’s not really surprising to me.

But I forget that I’m a writer, and people read my books, and probably come onto my website every now and then (I’m staring at the two people who read regularly, hi). So I should probably word vomit onto a couple blogs what my life is, what I do, and generally anything that comes to mind. Sometimes I can be a funny person? Or at least I like to think so.

Let’s begin with an introduction, like anyone would do on the street.

Idk I’m bad at this too

My name is Emma, I do not write under a fake name although I may at some point in my writing career, and I write books.

We done? Awesome. See you next week.

Nah I’m kidding.

I live in Maine, which is waaaaaay up in the most eastern corner of the United States. I’ve been told by many people they did not know my state existed, and those that do always ask about Moose or Lobster.

Yes we have a lot of Lobster. Yes it is delicious. And yes we will absolutely laugh at you if you wear a bib while you eat it.

Moose are a thing that exist, but unless you’re extremely lucky or in the very tippy top of Maine, you aren’t going to see them. Ever. Good luck. They’re really solitary animals and they hate humans, so please don’t come to Maine thinking you’re going to see a moose. You probably aren’t.

In case you were wondering

Maine’s a pretty nice place to grow up. There’s a lot of greenery, lot of blueberry fields, rocky coasts, great hiking. I thought for a long time about leaving the state for school or moving for a job, but in the end I really love this place and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else (along with bouts of anxiety that keep me rooted right where I am).

I come from a long line of artists, be that painters, writers, jewelers, etc etc. There’s always been a huge amount of support for creative endeavors, although it took me a while to get to writing.

At first I thought I wanted to go into film, cause finishing a book is freaking hard. I went to school for a minor in film studies with a major in New Media, which helps a little in marketing but more in the web design area. Been a long time for me though, so if you have any questions please direct them to a professional. I don’t work in that field anymore.

Like most authors, I have a day job. I work for an awesome company on the coast that takes up a lot of my time. It’s a little like having two jobs, except I pay more money to be an author than I make. Welcome to writing right? Shit happens.

In these blogs you’ll probably hear me referencing the Wizard and his Apprentice on a regular basis. I’m a crazy cat lady, and I have two giant Maine Coons (25 pounds and 12 pounds at 6 months currently).

The Wizard does not appreciate paparazzi

When did I decide to be an author?

Basically when the Goblin Bride was burning a hole in my head. I’m one of those people who have to have some way to get out creativity. My fingers start itching and static noise distracts me otherwise. I don’t know how else to describe it. I’ve dabbled in a lot of different things. Jewelry, body painting, special effects (ask me about my mermaid tail, I dare you). But none of them are quite so satisfying as writing.

There’s no limit to the worlds you can create, to the scenes you can make up, to the characters you can breathe to life. It’s exhilarating to be able to write.


Whoa big font. Exciting stuff to announce? That’s up to you.

Obviously, I’m writing Black Blood currently. #Spoileralert (most of you already guessed this) but the next book is about Pitch. It’s a massive and expansive book that’s tying together all those loose threads you may have been wondering about. Or maybe you weren’t.

Deadline for completion of that book is July 17th! I know what you’re thinking, EMMA SO SOON? Yes! As a surprise to everyone, I’d like to have this book published in early August. That will be the completion of the series, although there’s always room for novellas or a second series of books after those.

But there’s another surprise.

If you don’t follow my blogs, you probably haven’t read any of the little character blurbs and sneak peeks into the next series. If you have read them, you’ll probably know what I’m about to say.

The next series is called The Faerie Midwife. It’s combining well known and loved fairytales, like Beauty and the Beast, the Swan Princess, Thumbelina, with traditional Irish Legends. There will be Fae, there will be Celtic Gods, there will be pagan rituals and expansive worlds.

In short? It’s huge. The first book is expected to be somewhere around 500 pages.

I’m throwing everything I have into this next series. There will be marketing. There will be (a stupid amount) of research. There will be giveaways, cover reveals, more giveaways, did I mention the giveaways?, ARC copies to hand out galore, a hardcover version with special edition character portraits and fun little Faerie trinkets.

I’ll keep you updated on all my research, all my marketing plans, the works. I want to be as transparent as possible because I want other people to be able to read my steps and find a way on their own as well. I can’t promise it’ll work for everyone. I also can’t promise it’s going to work for me. But at least you get to follow along on the ride?

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  1. Everyone say it together: “Hello Emma! It’s nice to meet you!” :D

    It’s so nice learning things about you. You also know I can’t wait for Pitch’s book, but this new and exciting Fae idea is going to be so fun! You’ve already shared some amazing things and I can’t wait until the final Cover Reveal!

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