Life Updates – In which I discover a routine

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a girl…. 

Yeah that’s a boring start. Take two.

I have a really hard time opening up to people, namely because I’m shy, but also because I don’t like people…

That’s kind of insulting. Third time’s the charm?

I don’t know how to write.

Ah well. Screw it. Let’s just go with this.

Yup, that’ll do

Part of my very late New Years Resolution is to write these blogs, open up to all of you, and shout into the void that I’m a person and sometimes I have things to say. Well, maybe not that last part, but here we go.

Writing is freaking hard!

I mean, I’ve always known it was hard. It wasn’t easy to write my first book, and it hasn’t been easy writing the sixth. But can we talk about how hard it is to have a life while writing? It’s like my entire world gets swallowed up by word counts, fantasy people, and epiphanies that happen at the worst opportune times.

I’m looking at you board meeting at work. I’m looking at you.

The reality is that authors don’t get the luxury of having one job. We can’t go to work, come back home and relax, maybe pop our feet up next to the fire while our pretty little wife rubs our feet…. Nope that’s Gaston. Look, it’s been a rough couple weeks for me.

So we end up working two jobs. We go do the 9-5 thing, in my case a desk job looking at medical claims and fixing large issues in that realm, and then going home to put on our creative hats. It’s not easy, because you so rarely get a moment to yourself. Breathing is only necessary to keep your fingers typing so you reach an enormous word count and the deadline are flying at you, so you can’t pause or do anything other than type type type type…. type.

And sometimes it feels like you really aren’t allowed to stop. Ever.

To help, I’ve discovered that if I reward myself for doing the thing I’m supposed to do, then I’m more likely to do it. I get a chip every 50 words. If I meet my word count goal, I get to have the ice cream calling out my name in the freezer. And if I meet my goal every day for a week, then I get a little prize less than $30 from my Amazon wishlist.

So far, it’s working out pretty well! I’ve gifted myself a hardcover copy of the Labyrinth, and a lip balm made out of Queen’s honey.

I still complain on a regular basis to my two besties (hi ladies), and it sometimes takes me five hours to even type out 2,000 words.

Which, by the way, is my goal for every single night. 2,000 words may seem like a lot, but when I put my noise cancelling headphones in and actually write, I can do that in an hour. OR I can sit on my couch eat potato chips every time I hit 50 words and rewarding myself with an episode of New Girl. That tends to extend it out to 5 hours and then it’s 9 pm and like the old lady I am, I go to bed.

In case anyone wants to know, I’m definitely the Winston of my friend group. Gimme all the cats and I’m terrible at pranks.

Somehow, this week’s update turned into me whining about deadlines and writing. Not sure how that happened. But anyways, let’s end this on a positive note.

I love writing. I absolutely adore the worlds I build, the characters I develop, the songs they sing in my head and the random “ah ha” moments I have at the worst moments of my day. There’s nothing better than never being alone in your head because the creativity never ends.

I know it’s probably cheesy to say, but I think writers are a rare breed. We see the world in a different way and because of that, can create new worlds. We see people as actions and thoughts and emotions and endless swirls of color that are inspiring and captivating. Whether you’re a published author, a fanfiction writer, a poet, or someone who writes in the privacy of their own room and computer but never lets anyone else read it, you’re a special person. Not everyone has a story to tell, and not everyone can put it down on a page.

There we go, that’s more what I wanted to say than “woe is me, I had to write a lot to meet my deadline.”

Tell me to break out the wine again. I’ll be fine

If you came here for the updates and not for a sneak peek into my life, herrrreeeee we go!


Black Blood is officially sitting at 90,000 words. I’m aiming for 100,000 and have 4 more scenes to write before this puppy is done. It’ll be sad to let it go, but I may jump back into this series with some novellas just to return to the characters.

Research for the Faerie Midwife is going EXCEEDINGLY well. The cover artist is working on that, I’ve got a bunch of art made for the series and some fun little giveaway items in the works.

I have had two boggarts move into my house, and they are making the house horribly messy. I’m doing my best to clean after them, but someone keeps leaving dirty dishes out! (I swear it’s not me)

Sanity levels are at an all time low, but I have a week off July 31st-August 4th which is sometime in the expected publication date of Black Blood. Handy ain’t it?

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