On the subject of Coffee

Fair warning to everyone who likes serious blogs.

This is not one.

When I was little, my dad used to drink coffee every morning. Taking a step back even farther, my dad’s a school teacher. So I drove in with him every morning to school because he taught in the same building where I was going. Something I remember more than anything else was the smell of coffee in the car, the way he would balance the cup in his hand while driving, and rocking out to music from the 70s and 80s.

You can have a little Marshall Tucker Band to get you through this blog post.

When I was little, I hated the taste of coffee. It smelled so good, why did it have to taste so bad?

Then I started getting migraines in high school and coffee helped those a tiny bit. I’d drink some in the morning if I thought I was going to get one, but never again. Didn’t have any in college either, although a lot of people around me drank it like it was pure gold. But, I was also a New Media major so my classes weren’t early in the morning.

And then real life started. I got a 9-5 job which I turned into a 6-3 job because I like getting home and having time to write. That’s when I started drinking coffee like it was liquid gold.

Can we all just agree that this substance is the work of the gods and be happy they were kind enough to gift us with it? Because seriously, I don’t know what I would do with out it. I don’t even function correctly in the morning. I’m mildly narcoleptic and when I’m tired, I will crash wherever I am. It doesn’t matter if that’s on the stairs, out at a party, or on my couch. When the lights are off, the lights are thoroughly off.

Weird coffee facts

Europeans originally called coffee “Arabian Wine”. I don’t know about you, but a combination of wine and coffee that doesn’t taste awful would be me living my ultimate life.

This one is straight from Huffington Post I am not making this shit up “The Guinness-recognized “oldest cat ever” was Creme Puff, who lived to be 38 years old and died in 2005. The owner, Jake Perry, fed her coffee every morning along with bacon, eggs and broccoli. This is especially significant because Perry was also the owner of the previous record holder, Grandpa Rex Allen, who was fed the same diet and died at 34.”

We all know I’m a crazy cat lady. I’m feed my damn cats coffee from now on. They get their own little saucer if it’ll keep them around for OVER 30 YEARS.

Drinking coffee may help save your liver from alcohol! “One study found that “for each cup of coffee they drank per day, participants were 22 percent less likely to develop alcoholic cirrhosis.” So there you go. Coffee = life saver.


  • Secret book 2 is officially at 71,000 words! I took a bit of a break last week because I have THIS week on vacation! Which means I’m treating life as if writing was my full time job and cranking through this book like a woman on a mission. I fully intend to get within striking distance of finishing up.
  • Heart of the Fae is officially available for preorder!
  • I also have a very secret project I am planning which will be after Heart of the Fae is out. It’s adding a lot of extra work for me (woof) but I think you’ll all really enjoy it.

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