On Embarrassment and Explaining you’re an Author

Even after 6 published books, I still get sweaty palms when someone starts talking about anything I have written. It’s the idea that A. someone read what I wrote and B. that someone wants to talk about what I wrote.

I just yanked that shit out of my head and now you have opinions? I pretend those books don’t exist! (Number 1 reason why I suck at marketing)

But, here’s the deal. No matter whether you are proud of what you wrote (and you should be) or whether you want to sweep that book under the carpet and just keep going, you should be proud of the fact that you wrote a book.

There is so much time and energy that goes into publishing a novel, and it’s not just the writing part! You did a bunch of research. You developed a world and characters, clothing, animals, creatures, religion, conversations. You’ve created a place for others to disappear into, whether they enjoy that or not.

And then you marketed. You found the perfect editor, you shredded the book you loved and pieced it back together as a new being. You found a cover artist, you paid for email campaigns, you sent it to book bloggers while biting your nails and hoping beyond hope that they will enjoy it.

You bled for the book, emotionally and probably physically if you’re as klutzy as me.

So why is writing a book so embarrassing sometimes?

Like any form of art, writing a book and publishing it is putting a little piece of your soul up for sale. It’s there for anyone to read, to judge, to tear apart because they didn’t like a few things.

And in this world full of indie authors, readers are absolutely doing that. I see other reviews of books that shred the writing. I’ve had reviews myself that tear apart the “writing style chosen” as if they weren’t saying that my voice as a storyteller was weak.

It’s going to happen, and it sucks every time. Because that’s a piece of your soul you put out there. People aren’t going to like it. People are going to love it. But you can bet that 100% of people are going to have an opinion on it.

That’s the kicker for an author. Our livelihood, our monetary income, relies upon the opinions of others.

Now I’m not saying that authors write for other people, because you’ve read those books before, and they aren’t that great. We write for ourselves and books we would like to read. But how we make money is based off the opinions of others.

And that sucks when the opinions don’t reflect our own.

So a lot of us stay quiet when in a public place about being an author. I certainly do! There’s always going to be those people who don’t understand what being an author means.

I recently had a conversation with someone about my career, and said “I’m also an author”. The immediate response was “Oh, what do you write?” “Urban fantasy and romance.” He laughed and did exactly this.

Mhm. Yeah, thanks bud. That’s real supportive of someone who’s looking at doing this as a full time job.

You can’t win them all right? The point of it all is that I’m working on being more proud of the body of work I’ve produced, and not being shy about talking to people. Publishing is a massive endeavor for any person who takes it on, and it’s something everyone should be proud of.

Don’t you dare let anyone tear you down! Your work, your time, and your creativity is worth more than the weight of someone else’s opinions.

Just say this over and over to help


Writing Updates!

  • Heart of the Fae, I am pleased to announce, has been split into two books. I know this might get a little push back, I totally understand that buying two books instead of one is maybe not what you expected. However, if I asked you to buy just the one story, it would be over 800 pages. I’ll write a big ol’ blog post about this decision later on, but just know it’s going to be two books published at the same time.
  • The first book, Heart of the Fae, is almost complete! I’m at 95,000 words (hooboy) and the page count is already higher than Black Blood. I’ve got another 4 scenes to write before it’s finished, so this sucker is looking at a whopping 110,000+ words.
  • I have TWO editors for this book series, and I’ll introduce you to them later. However, they’re both wonderful women with equally wonderful stories that I can’t wait to share.
  • The cover of the second book and the name will be released closer to December when it’s time for the big reveal to happen.
  • If you’re interested in an ARC copy, please get in touch! Heart of the Fae will be available to send to readers before it’s release in exchange for a review. However, I am going to have a very strict policy for these. The review has to be posted within 2 weeks of receiving the book. If you can’t commit to that, sorry buckeroos. Gotta wait until it’s published. :/

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