Of Candles and Warm Smells

If you follow my Facebook Page, you’ll know that I am collaborating with one of the most amazing artists! She’s creating candles specifically for the Faerie series, in particular, two character candles for Sorcha and Eamonn. Those are some surprises that I can’t ruin juuuust yet.

BUT! I can interview her, so you can get an idea of who this talented and lovely lady is! Without further ado, meet Michelle!

What made you jump into the world of candle making? 

I’ve always loved candles, but they weren’t an obsession for me until I joined bookstagram. I saw so many amazing pictures with bookish candles and fell in love. I just had to have character candles, and couldn’t believe I didn’t know of their existence before.

After my first order, I was hooked (obsessed) They’re beautiful, they enhance your reading experience, they look great in photos, and they smell amazing! What’s not to love?

What prompted you to make candles based off books you enjoy?

As mentioned above, bookstagram is to blame. I had no idea bookish candles existed until then. But I’m a huge fan of books and all things bookish, so of course I fell in love instantly!

What is your favorite book series?

This is a hard question for me to answer. I will, but it’s hard. The entire Throne of Glass series is my favorite, but there are soo many that I love! But Throne of Glass has it all, and Sarah J Maas’ writing is outstanding. It draws you so deep into new worlds, and you can’t help but get swept away.

What is your favorite scent to add to candles?

I love spicy scents like cinnamon and sweet treats scents like pumpkin and marshmallow. I’ve been able to add cinnamon to one character so far, but no pumpkin just yet. Give me some time and I definitely will though. I also love anything that smells like Christmas. 🎅🎄 But I try to stick to character descriptions and not let my own preferences get in the way. So don’t worry, our favorite High Lord won’t suddenly smell like cinnamon pumpkins.

Dogs or Cats?

Definitely dogs. They’re so warm and loving. Plus, who can resist those big puppy dog eyes. I have one dog, and he’s my baby. He’s definitely an attention hog and a cuddle bug, and I love it.

Blackberries or raspberries?

Raspberries mixed into cheesecake flavored frozen yogurt!! Tastes like happiness!

Where can we buy your candles?

My etsy shop Fandomflamescandles is now live. You can search for me on the site or go to www.fandomflames.com and that will take you right to it.

I absolutely adore Michelle, she is one of the most wonderful people I have met in a while, and I cannot wait to collaborate with her on this AWESOMELY fun little addition to the book series.


  • Heart of the Fae has officially completed it’s first editing round! There were some mistakes that definitely needed to be fixed, but nothing that was a huge change. So! We’re right on schedule people.
  • Book two is officially at 47,000 words! I’m cranking through this book and looking at having it completed by the end of October (or earlier hopefully)

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