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As I sit here drinking my coffee and trying to think up an engaging blog post, I figured it was well past time for one of my word vomit update posts for everyone. There’s a lot going on! An insane amount of stuff that you may not have heard of, so here we are.

Have a Darcy to get you through


Oh my goodness gravy this promotion is exploding on me. I’ve been doing a lot of promo for this book, a lot more than I have ever done. I’ll talk about that in a little bit, the whys, hows, and what ifs. But please direct your attention to the thunderclap for a moment –

Your eyes did not just cross here, and yes that social reach is over 2 million people.


I’m shook. I’m terrified. I’m shivering in my boots. But holy hell people, that is a massive reach and I don’t know what to even say about it. Crazy shit people.

I do have this going out to 8 different email services as well for the first week, and the book will remain $0.99 for ONLY the first week and then it will go back to full price at $3.99. Shooting for the stars people, and hopefully I’ll get there with everything intact.


Book Numero 2 (Part II of Heart of the Fae with a still secret name) is in the hands of the editor! It will be done shortly and then you’ll see the preorder pop up hopefully just in time for book one to go live. This will not be on sale (sorry, gotta make some money).

I am currently working on a novella/mini novel that will be coming out in February to give you all a little something in between large books. I truly meant for it to be a novella but ah well. Sometimes I get rambling and the story is good and “boom” I have a book.

I tried ya’ll. I really tried.

Apparently we’re just running with the Darcy thing today


You know, I spelled career wrong 4 times before I even got to this part? Bodes well.

Anyways! I’m sure you’ve all seen the changes, or perhaps you’ve just recognized them and not cared. I don’t know!

I feel like it’s important to let everyone know there comes a time in an author’s life when they have to choose what kind of author they want to be. Personally, I am choosing to take this whole thing more seriously.

When I started writing and published my first book, I never thought it would go anywhere. I truly was under the impression it would be a one time thing, that I could put that feather in my cap and let it go.

Spoiler alert – I couldn’t.

Here we are, almost three years later and I am awaiting my eighth book to publish and realizing that I need to get my shit together. This isn’t just a hobby for me, this is a business.

And I know a lot of author’s don’t see it like that. They see this as a creative endeavor and they’ll continue to be that person. However, I’m not that.

That isn’t to say I won’t keep creating an environment where people can be honest, where you know you are appreciated, where I am happy to have everyone reach out with their ideas and writing and all the good things in your life. I want that to continue.

I just need to take this more seriously. So, what does that mean?

  • My facebook PAGE is where all fan interaction will go. Friend Requests to my private profile will be very limited. I’m a private person, and I like my privacy. I also, generally, don’t think it’s a great idea to know the author too much. What if *gasp* you don’t LIKE me but like my books?!
  • There will be a lot more “salesy” stuff you’ll see. I’m trying to keep it limited to adds only so you won’t see too much on the page itself, but there will be some posts that are targeted towards people buying books. Sorry, gotta make my money somehow.
  • Books and writing will be significantly higher quality, with a lot larger worlds. This does mean that publishing will be slower next year. No more 5 books a year, but the books you will get I promise will be worth it.

See? Not so scary. For you, it’s not a huge deal. Now I figure, you can get a sneak peek into the changes for ME.

  • Getting a separate DBA bank account that is specifically for Books and Books only
  • Registering an LLC mini publishing company – someday I fully intend to expand on this but right now? Nope. Not enough time.
  • Creating a new, more professional website that is geared towards target marketing.
  • Hiring a PA and forking up the money because it obviously works and people are way better at marketing than me.
  • Create, create, create, mix and repeat.

Crazy stuff right?

Anyways. Word vomit over, thanks for sticking with me!

One last Darcy for good luck

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