Life Updates – Writing Goals and Setting Standards

I’m a very goal oriented person. I do my best work when I know there’s a standard I have to live up to, or a goal that has to be met. This crosses over into my regular life as well. I’m not a full-time author, and I firmly believe that working with a set goal in mind gets the job done a hell of a lot faster than something without.

As such, I’ve set a whole bunch of goals as a writer for myself. These aren’t things I’ve ever shared with anyone (other than close friends or family) but I think it’s something that you, as a reader, should be aware of.

Who better to hold me accountable than you?

Just be nice about it, would ya?

My Goals as an Author

#1 – Create worlds that are richly developed

I think this is something that frequently is forgotten in this day and age. Readers are bombarded with so many books, and authors are expected to crank books out as frequently as possible.

As a little insight, the generic frequency with which an author should publish is one book every 3-6 months. That’s the “sure fire” way to stay in readers minds and keep a reader throughout a book series or consistently reading your novels.


But that is what’s expected of us! It’s not an “impossible” task, but it is incredibly difficult. This is why you’ll see a lot of authors (myself included) writing series. It’s so much easier to continue in a world that we’ve already created, rather than think up something entirely new. Something has to give eventually, and most times that’s the development of the world.

I promise, I will never give up creating a richly developed worlds for speed of novels.

#2 – Create strong female characters who empower our sex

This is a personal choice, and I know some people will disagree with me. However, I think it is highly important that strong female characters dominant the romance world. I have read countless books with weak, save me, females and I’ve had quite enough of it thank you very much.

I refuse to give up on my crusade to remind women that being “strong” is not being a bitch. That having an “opinion” is not being over confident. That saying “no” is not being icy.

This is not to say that I will not have characters who are kind, who are generous, who are giving to a flaw. These are not women who are weak. You can be a giving person, while still having the backbone to stand up for yourself. I will never create a character who will roll over and take it, or who will not call out a man for his flaws and expect him to change.

#3 – I will always be known as a “kind” person myself

Now this is a kicker, cause it’s hard to create a brand or a name for yourself and ensure everyone sees you the same way. I know you, as a reader, already have an opinion of me. Likely, I can’t change that currently nor will you ever let me change that. First impressions are lasting.

But I will always strive to be known as a person who is kind and giving. If you aren’t signed up for my newsletter (link to the right), I offer free copies in every email of whatever book you want. I do ask for a review in return, but I won’t force you to do that. I won’t ask why you want a free copy when my books are priced at $2.99. I advocate for people to read regardless of their monetary situation, and if you want to read my books but can’t afford them, I will always give you a free copy if you ask.

If you’re having a rough day, please feel free to message me and talk. If you want to find out why I did a certain thing in a book, I’m always happy to explain it. If you have negative things to say about my books, I want to hear them. I want to create an experience where people know it’s safe to reach out to me in any sense of the term.

And that’s probably weird but, hey, that’s one of my goals.

#4 – To never follow the trends

This might be shooting myself in the foot, but I never want to follow the current “popular” book trend. I don’t think this is a lasting venture to constantly be chasing genres and storylines. I want to write because I enjoy the story and because there’s something burning in me to get out.

Now, a caveat, this may cross over into popular genres. But I will never spend my time analyzing what is the current bestseller, where does it fit in categories, and then write something real quick before the trend ends.

I want to build a lasting group of readers and books. Chasing trends will waste my time.

#5 – To accept my mistakes and move on

This is the hardest one for me. I make a lot of mistakes. Spelling, grammar, killing characters, missing things in a storyline I should have known, understanding what people are telling me, lingering on depressive thoughts that have no reason to be in my mind.

It’s important to be able to let things go. This is my journey, my adventure, and I’m lucky enough to share that with all of you. If I can’t let things go, then I’m going to dwell in a past and forget the future.

If there’s anything I need help with most, it’s this one. *puts blinking red light down*

Writing Updates

Yeah there are still updates! Thank you all for sticking with me through this word vomit of a blog post. I do appreciate it!

  • Black Blood has completed its editing run. I’ll be going through that on my vacation this week (hopefully only a couple days worth of thorough work) and then will be getting it out to the masses. This week people!
  • Heart of the Fae, bless its little soul, has been far easier to write than any book I’ve written so far. These characters are so vivid, I think you’re going to love them! Right now, the book currently stands at 43,000 words and Chapter 6 is very close to done!
  • The cover for Heart of the Fae has been completed! I’m not going to show it to anyone for another month or so (maybe two months, sorry) but know that I have it, and it’s incredibly beautiful.
  • I need a name for my readers! A friend suggested Hamma Jammas but…. I’m going to let ya’ll pick. <3 I have surprises coming up for everyone who is involved in my books and wants to join a fun little book club where you get sneak peeks Β more than what is already out there, AND free stuff. Β Let me know names, and I’ll put a poll up on my facebook page soon!
Until next time family!

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