Life Updates! – In which I finish a book

If you don’t follow me on social media (and if you don’t yet, seriously go click the buttons), then here’s an exciting announcement.


I am excited, relieved, (horrified), and super pleased to finally be able to say that Black Blood is written. Now there’s a lot of other stages to go through next. I still need to edit it myself, then send it over to my editor, and get my cover from my cover artist.

So don’t go too crazy yet. There’s still a lot of things to do and a lot of stages. But for the time being, the rough book is completed. Donezo. Finito.

And you know, it’s a little bittersweet? I’m super proud of myself, it’s not every day a person gets to announce they completed their 6th book. I still can’t believe I can even say that I have 6 books over 200 pages to tack onto my name.

Do I get to call myself an author yet? I’d like that gold star to stick on my forehead.

Confession time. This book took me longer to write than I ever expected, because I was terrified I wouldn’t do it right.

There’s a lot of you out there who adore Pitch. No, LOVE Pitch. The shadow man who’s always alone, who’s mysteriously helping out all the characters. Some of you have been fans since book one when he showed up on Wren’s windowsill smoking a red cigar and threatening to kill people like he was some Warlord Prince.

*sigh* yeah okay I get it. I love him too.

And my Pinterest board for Black Blood is full of gifs like this for inspiration.

It’s safe to say I was so incredibly frightened that I wouldn’t give him the story he deserved. I even had a few moments where I questioned whether or not I was a good enough writer to even put pen to paper on this one. He’s such an intricate character with tons of layers and emotions and history and and and….

Anyways. My own insecurities aside, I wanted to do right by him.

And I am SO happy to confidently say

Oh baby I did this book right.

I’m going to call this book my “Bridge to sexy times”.

If you haven’t heard, my next book series is jumping directly into the romance genre. Currently, I write what is labeled as “New Adult”. The characters are grown ups, but the content is a little bit softer around the edges. Sex scenes might be hinted at, but they aren’t explicit.

Why is Black Blood that bridge?

Welp. When you read it you’ll see, but there’s a lot of tension between these two characters. There’s history between them (thousands of years in fact), so there was bound to be some sizzling.

Okay maybe not that much. That’s the next series.

You’re here for the back cover blurb? Right. Here we go!


For centuries, Pitch has strived to be both light and dark. His magic is dangerous. His touch is poison. His words… Well his words are little more than lies. All this changes when the time finally comes to release the soul he’s kept secret from the world, and take his first steps towards becoming a good man. If that’s even possible.


All Lydia planned to do was dance, and go home. She never thought she’d end up possessed and carried off by the most dangerous creature she’s ever seen. His shadows frighten her. The magic bubbling in her chest terrifies her. And the fate of the world rests on her shoulders.


Together, they leap into a world where Time has no meaning, where love can grow through many lifetimes, and magic flows in their blood. The world has to be saved. Evil must be stopped. And through it all, romance shall blossom.

That’s all folks! I’m going to be posting some quotes from Black Blood in the next couple weeks on my facebook page, so if you haven’t liked it yet…. Might be time to.

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