“Inspiration” and Where to Find it

Inspiration is one of those “mythological” things that some people have, and others don’t. I’ve been asked so many times “How do you come up with these worlds?”

And I never really have an answer.

So I figured, let’s sit down and really delve into the ideas, pictures, songs, that inspired me to write Heart of the Fae, and maybe you can make sense of it.

Personally, the inspiration usually starts with an image. I’m a Pinterest addict, I do not go to the support groups, and I have no intention of working on it. I create a board when I get a story that’s niggling in my head, usually because of a single picture I see while scrolling mindlessly through the millions of images that come up on my feed.


I became enamored with this redheaded druid who seemed so. freaking. kind. You can see it in the art, the way her eyes are soft and her hands are outstretched. But she’s not weak. There’s a strength to her that really blooms in the set of her shoulders, the way she doesn’t seem to flinch from the terrifying forest around her.

That’s how Sorcha was born. She was quick to fill the spaces of my mind while I was writing Black Blood. It certainly made it difficult to finish that book!

Eamonn was a different story. My support team (the gif queen and the sugar fiend, you’ll meet them later) was joking about pokemon one day, and I was prattling on about my stories (which I never stop doing) and the joke was “Geodude! Make him geodude!”

Which sounded stupid at first, and then all of a sudden, it wasn’t stupid anymore. I’d never heard of a beast with split open skin, crystals growing from his wounds and a hatred of everything that he was.

And there you have it, the first two characters of Heart of the Fae.

After images, I usually go for words. I pin so much poetry that the boards are stuffed full of words and pretty things that inspire me to continue writing. For this one, the poem always started with this.

milk and honey by rupi kaur

So here’s where the story starts to unfold. This Irish lass who feeds off of the world, but doesn’t quite fit in. She wants to heal others, but doesn’t know herself enough to do it. And there’s this mysterious question of who her real father is, her real family, because everyone knows her mother. They say it all the time.

No one knows her father.

Now we’re getting somewhere! I’ve always wanted to write something with Celtic mythology, so that was a no brainer for this book. I delved into the mythology portions of their world, and you can find those blogs all over this website. From the Morrigan to the relics of the Tuatha de Danann, there’s all sorts of stuff for you to paw through.

Next, it always goes to music for me. I love listening to things that inspire stories, and this sucker was the one which definitely did it for me.

The rest is getting into the nitty gritty of world development, sound design, playlists to listen to while writing, so many more pins that just keep going on and on. But this is how the idea bloomed.


  • Book 2 is officially at 60,000 words! I’ve got the ending all plotted out, and the story is going to be absolutely heartwrenchingly wonderful. The plan is to yank out your heart before giving it back to you, so put your safety hats on before reading part 2!
  • Heart of the Fae is in the hands of the Street Team! They will be continuing to provide feedback before I will be sending it out to all the bloggers who are interested in a copy.
  • We’re getting there people! Stay tuned for an official release date for Heart of the Fae, which I think will be SLIGHTLY earlier than December!

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