Gearing up for Launch!

Happy Monday morning everyone! Surprise, it’s already autumn.

Not my favorite season, but also not my least favorite I suppose. We’re getting ready for winter here in Maine, which means cutting firewood, picking apples, canning salsa, and yanking out all the winter clothing. And trust me. We have A LOT of those clothes.

Since Heart of the Fae’s deadline is barreling down at me, I thought it would be fun to talk about book marketing today! There’s a lot that goes into marketing books (especially for indies). So if you’re a prospective author or if you’re just curious about how we indies get the word out, get your coffee out and have a read.

The list to check off for indies is MASSIVE. We’ll just put that right out to begin with. Generally speaking, the indie trouble starts right from the get-go because no one knows who you are. So the trouble is just getting yourself out there. That includes, but is not limited to, book bloggers, email campaigns – split into paid emails, author emails, and freebie emails, instagrammers, Booklr, Goodreads Giveaways, Amazon AMS advertising, Facebook Campaigns…. You get the drift? Let’s split these out a bit.


Aka – The Knights in shining armor.

These people not only take the time to read and review hundreds and hundreds of books, but they also maintain an active blog with sometimes an extremely large following that spreads the news of books. They don’t do this for money (although some have paid advertising you can also do with their blogs), but mostly they do it just for the love of books.

KEY TIP WITH THESE LOVELY LADIES AND GENTS. Don’t just send a generic email to them asking them to read and review your book. They’re busy people, they have a lot going on. At the very least, look up their freaking name on their website so they can actually know you looked at their interests and took the time to figure out whether or not they would even like your book. Let’s be nice to them, I want to keep them.


Or more commonly known as the bane of my existence. It’s no secret that I suck at sending out emails. Why?

Because I hate emails.

But, because I am the minority and most people actually like those emails with book deals, I also realize that I need to start being better at it. It’s on the agenda for the new year! I promise!

For me, this means the paid campaigns work a hell of a lot better. Most are somewhere between $15-$50, and that’ll reach about 35,000 people. How many click open? Not a clue. Most of these companies don’t share their open rate. There’s a lot of little details with email campaigns that definitely make it a beast of it’s own, and I just haven’t had the time to figure it out yet. I’m getting there all you email lovers! I promise!


You’ll have to forgive me, but this extremely talented world of artists is completely new to me and I am LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Where have you all been my entire life?! If you are unfamiliar with the #bookstagram, hop on over to your instagram account and take a peek at all the talented still life photographers and get an eyefull of all that wonderfulness.

Anyways, gushing aside, I said I would walk you through my entire journey with Heart of the Fae and I’m going to! There is a group of wonderful bookstagrammers (set up by the lovely Uma thank you m’dear) who I will be sending rather large marketing packages to. Each package contains a whole bunch of stuff that they can use to set up their scenes, plus they will be getting paperbacks (maybe hard copies, I’m not 100% sure yet), the prereleased ebook edition, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

It’s costing me a pretty penny, but is well worth it.


Okay, to be completely honest I haven’t had a lot of luck with Goodreads giveaways. It gets the word out about the book REALLY well yes. But it doesn’t really translate into sales. With this one, I’m doing two pre-release giveaways that will hopefully build up the “to read” list quite a bit, as there is an email when a book on your to read list is published.

Cross your fingers on this one, but I’m not really holding my breath.


I just got the hang of Facebook advertising and let me TELL YOU.

This shit is amazing.

No seriously. The amount of people who see and interact with each post is just phenomenal. Once you target your audience correctly, you’ve got a large number of people who are definitely interested, want to talk with you about being interested, and are game to tag other people and let them know. How freaking awesome is that?

It took be about a year of fiddling on my own to figure it out (and a lot of wasted money) but hey. Now that I’ve got it figured out, it’s working in the most amazing way. If people are interested, I’ll do a big blog post on how I did it and some statistics. Let me know!


If I don’t know enough about it, sorry dolls, I’m not giving you advice or talking about it. There will be another blog like this soon, when I don’t have an idea of what to write.


  • Another week down, and more writing completed! I’ve made a huge jump from last week and am at 32,000 words! Whoop whoop! At this rate, I should be completed with Book 2 (secret name is secret) by the end of October which leaves plenty of time to replicate the marketing of Heart of the Fae.
  • Yes, HoF is still with the editor. Don’t you worry! She’ll be done by the end of this week and there will be lots and lots to fix I’m sure. But then she’s donezo.
  • Is that it? I think that’s all the updates…. Few more artists have been commissioned for some fun work, and I’m slowly developing more goodies for all ya’ll. Stay tuned with that.


Outlander is back, which means I have SO MUCH FUEL for inspiration.

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