Faerie Research #2 – Treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann

Let’s start with the obvious question “Who are the Tuatha Dé Danann?”

Short answer? Faeries! Long answer? There’s a lot of stories about them, and people question whether they were faeries, gods, aliens, there’s a whole bunch of myths and legends. It seems to simmer down to God-like beings, especially since many of their family line were worshiped as gods, but there are plenty of people who will argue with that.

Tuatha Dé Danann translates to “The People of Danu”, the mother figure of their people. They arrived in Ireland on a cloud and conquered the giant race of the Formorians. I’ll write up a detailed description on these figures (there’s a lot of them, and honestly, the family tree is fairly easy to follow).

So all you really need to know, for the purpose of this article, is that these were the original Faeries. They created magic easily, they were highly developed, and eventually they retreated to “Underhill” and started the race Sidhe (faerie).

In the Faerie Midwife, you’ll notice references to some very important and key treasures that were brought to our lands by the Tuatha Dé Danann. Here’s the descriptions of them, how they came to be, and some cool little historical details.

Jareth for good luck

Who doesn’t love a good Jareth? And if we’re diving into Faeries, he’s the best person to guide us.

>.> I mean that’s probably not true. If you ever meet the goblin king you probably shouldn’t trust him.

As a WARNING for those who like to get shook about things. I’m obviously going to be giving my own twist to these treasures and myths. I mean no disrespect to any culture or history, these are perfect fuel for creativity and in a career where creativity is necessary, I’m going to take advantage. Thanks for understanding.

The Stone of Fál

There’s a lot of legends about this stone, namely that a Goddess inhabits the stone. Irish kinds were ritualistically married to the Stone of Fál, and if she was displeased, she would begin to scream. If she was in the presence of a true king, she would sing.

Now, that’s the historical part of the stone.

In the Faerie Midwife, none of these treasures will still be in the hands of man. The Stone of Fál is safely within the hands of Fionn, the current Seelie King. She is planted directly in his most beautiful garden and rarely visited by anyone. Can she speak? Absolutely. Can she tell what’s going on? No question. Does she agree with the current state of affairs? Probably not. But she’s a stone, and stones can’t move, they can only wait and watch and hope that at some point, someone is going to return.

The High King of the Sidhe has to return at some point, right?

The Spear of Lugh

Obviously, there are a few warlike objects on this list. This legendary spear was held by the God Lugh in many a battle. Embued with fire, it never misses it’s mark once thrown. As you can imagine, this is rather handy when you’re walking into a battle.

Lugh was also a big advocate of passion and creativity, perhaps this was why he carried a spear rather than a sword. Although both take a considerable amount of work, obviously this spear was a little more “flashy” than one would expect.

In the Faerie Midwife, this spear has been lost. No one is 100% certain where it is, though rumors suggest the Unseelie have it in their clutches. This isn’t the best of news. Our Seelie friends would love to have this spear back in case war ever breaks out among the Fae. No one wants to be certain the other side has a weapon which would make it very difficult to kill key players.

The Cauldron of Dagda

Confession, Dagda is one of my favorite Faeries of all time. I absolutely love his legends, the myths that surround him, all the stories…. There’s no explanation for it. I just adore him and everything he stands for.


This cauldron is actually pretty darn cool. You see, food is generically a feminine quality to link to Goddesses, but Irish myths like to throw kinks in the “norm”. Dagda is very much a masculine god, like really really masculine, but this cauldron is linked to him. And it’s secret? It cannot ever run dry.

That’s right, this cauldron never failed to feed the hungry and have more food to give out at the end of the day. As you can imagine, that’s pretty darn handy to have when you’re a brand new god-like people invading a country you’ve never seen before, and all you brought was your cloud and some weapons.

Oh and a rock.

Secret power of this “feed the hungry” cauldron? If you submerge yourself in its depths, it will heal all illnesses and wounds.

Now this is another one that has been “lost” except we know exactly where it is in the first Faerie Midwife book. Magical objects have a way of going where they are needed, and this cauldron sought out the one person who needed it most. Hy-Brasil, the island which can only be seen once every 7 years.

The Sword of Nuada

In case you didn’t know, Nuada is the King of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Or… Well…. Was. And now is again. Though probably at this point he’s not still alive, considering we’re in current time and that was a long time ago… Anyways. I’m getting distracted.

Nuada Silverhand was unbeatable in battle due to this sword. It wasn’t necessarily 100% the sword, but also what it was imbued with. The Sidhe’s are said to fight along side men every now and then, with blue flaming swords and blinding white armor. This sword was described as a torch, so bright it burned the eyes.

Surprisingly, this was not a sword to cut down hundreds of men. It was not a sword which could not be escaped. The power of this sword was that once it was drawn, no one could resist it.

That’s right, this sword (the element of air), controlled people. Strange right? Of all objects to choose, the sword was one which made people talk, or not talk, or sit down, etc etc.

This is another relic which has long been lost in the Faerie Midwife series. It may be unearthed, perhaps by a true king?

no wait…. we’re not in that story

And that’s all folks!

Your weekly information about the Fae has been completed, and you (hopefully) learned something cool and unique. If you didn’t, I apologize and the next blog will probably be more to your liking since it’s going to be more about self publishing etc etc.

Or maybe it’ll be the next character blurb. WHO KNOWS! It’s like a circus in my brain. Sometimes you get the flying elephant sometimes it’s the somersaulting lion.

All art created in this article by Aliveria for the Faerie Midwife Series. Please do not use without consent. Thank you!

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