Be gentle with yourself

In a world that sometimes seems like everything is falling down around us, where people find time to be more and more selfish, where strange things happen for no apparent reason, I always remind myself to be gentle. To be kind. To be quiet in my issues and handle them personally and quietly.

I’ve had friends and fans ask before, “Why aren’t you more politically active on your page?” or “Why don’t you let us know when you’re going through a rough spot?”

You’re all lovely people, but I don’t need to fill the world with more of that. I appreciate your concern, truly I do. And I will always take care of myself first and foremost. However, I will not put my concerns, my drama, my worries, my anxieties on your newsfeeds/social media.

That’s not what I’m here for.

The purpose of an author is to provide a safe haven for those who need it. My stories (I hope) lift you away from this life and into a new place. A place where magic is possible, love is comforting, and people are strong. I want your mind to let go of all the negative energy it holds onto, even for just a few hours. The same with my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all social media.

I want to create a bubble of safety for you in this world where everything is flashing lights and sirens.

Anxiety is a beast many people battle. I have battled it my whole life, from getting on the school bus to leaving my apartment. In the early stages when I did not know any coping mechanisms, I read books.

I traveled through worlds filled with beasts, beauties, fairies, magicians, over and over again until I remembered that dragons don’t have to be tamed. They can run wild and free, and we can give them that space. I do not need to control them, and neither do you.

Now, coming from an author’s perspective, this is a stressful environment to be creative in. We love your opinions, love hearing your thoughts on our book, but the constructive criticism (and sometimes outright awful reviews) can wear on a person.

For all the other authors out there –

It’s okay.

The best advice I’ve ever been given, and one that I will continue to give others, is that those reviews are not for you. They’re for all the readers out there, and they are human opinions. That doesn’t mean they aren’t valid, or you shouldn’t look at them. You should, especially if you’re starting out.

But they aren’t for you.

For everyone who might be having a bad day, who might be struggling in their life, know that I am there for you. That we’re all here for you to lean on, to give a moment to breathe, to disappear into a world where good things happen to good people.

That’s my job, after all.


  • Heart of the Fae has officially completed its Beta Run tour, and we are DONE DONE DONE.
  • Part II is very close to being completed on my end, and then will go to the hands of my two editors by the end of this month.
  • Cover for Part II is currently in process (you guys, it’s amazing. Nata is amazing.) and will be completed just before the release.
  • All marketing materials have been mailed out to Bookstagrammers and Bloggers, however there is still time to get involved! If you have more than 1,000 followers on any platform, please reach out!

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